Personal Injury Lawyer discusses how to protect your insurance claim

Phoenix personal injury lawyer Nick Alcock has one piece of advice for those filing an insurance claim. Document everything.

“I can’t tell you how many people come to my office months after an auto accident with no records whatsoever. It is very troubling because good people wind up getting shortchanged when it comes time to settle their cases.”

Auto accident lawyers know that delays in treatment and I adequate record keeping can destroy insurance claims. Says Alcock, “I once represented a client who was severely injured when he was rear-ended by a truck. Unfortunately, he didn’t have health insurance and decided to fix himself at home with rest and chicken soup. The insurance company didn’t believe he was seriously injured because he didn’t see a doctor right away. Nothing was recorded, and it was a nightmare getting this client a fair settlement.”

As an auto accident attorney, Alcock suggests the following. Fully disclose all injuries to your doctor. Make sure the health care provider actually documents your injuries in your records. If your situation changes, go back to your doctor immediately.

It also makes sense to check your doctors references. Alcock states, “Avoid doctors with spotty reputations. If you feel like you are being treated like a cow in a herd of cattle, walk out the door. Do research and make sure your doctor, nurse practitioner or chiropractor is legitimate. Believe me, insurance companies look at doctors very carefully. You should too.”

If you have been injured in an auto accident, feel free to contact the Phoenix auto accident law firm of Alcock and Associates. They can be reached at 602-989-5000. Questions are answered free of charge.

Posted by Phoenix injury lawyer Nick Alcock.

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