National Holiday Celebration in Nice, France results in Tragic Events

In the city of Nice, France, 60 people are dead and 100 are left injured after a truck powered through a crowd of people enjoying the festivities for Bastille Day. The Washington Times reports that the man responsible was shot during a gunfight but a second shooter escaped from the scene. There were also attacks on a hotel and it’s restaurant nearby where the gunmen fled to. The man hunt for the second shooter is still in progress and the police urge local residents to stay away from the down town area. One witness of this tragedy, Wassim Bouhlel, spoke with the Associated Press and said that there were “Bodies everywhere.” The police have yet to find the motive behind these attacks and who is responsible. It is speculated that Islamist terror groups may be responsible because of previous attacks on France. We continue to pray for the victims and hope that the people responsible are brought to justice.