We Offer Innovative Immigration Solutions

Most people think of hiring an immigration attorney as a black or white proposition.  At our immigration law firm, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box.  We look for innovative solutions to meet our clients needs.  But what does that mean?

People oftentimes come to the office thinking that they are eligible for one type of visa or relief only to find that they have other legal rights available to them.  When we meet with an immigraiton client for the first time, we will make sure to cover all of the available options.  Sometimes this means asking scores of questions that at first might not seem important.

So if you are looking for an immigration attorney who looks for unique and innovative solutions to legal issues, we’re the right firm for you.   You can always set up a meeting with us and there’s never a retainer offered unless we decide that you qualify.  Some firms charge for “researching” whether or not a client qualifies for relief.  At The Law Offices of Alcock and Associates, P.C., we never do that.