Probation Violations

When You Find Yourself Back In Court


probation violation lawyerProbation violations in Arizona can arise from technical violations (such as failure to pay a fee) or a “term one” violation, for allegedly breaking the law while on probation.

Probation court is different from typical criminal courts because the judge acts as the jury.  A person on probation is not entitled to the same level of protections that a typical citizen is used to.  It is very easy for a judge to simply sentence a person accused of a probation violation to prison unless a vigorous and strong defense is presented.

As a result, a capable criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in the world.  Our goal is to get you reinstated to probation without additional jail, fines or months on probation.   Our law firm handles every type of probation violation in Arizona.

We Understand Your Situation

We also understand that every day, people are violated for very minor reasons. Our job is to help the judge understand that good people make simple mistakes. We work very hard to show that a technical violation of probation is not evidence that a person has returned to a life of crime.

As part of your defense, we will explore every reason why the probation violation is being alleged.

Factors We Look For

Are other causes behind the alleged probation violation? Is economic hardship a factor? Are there transportation issues? Family problems? Perhaps the alleged violations are actually the result of miscommunication.  We can help explain to the judge what happened and why you deserve a second chance.

Many people may also have a new charge that is the basis for the probation violation.  When this is the case, we work hard to combine the cases, so that the new charges are not run consecutively.

 It is important to remember that people can have their charges “stacked.”  This is when a judge gives a defendant time in prison for one case, and then adds more time in prison for a second.  We do everything that we can to prevent this from happening to our clients.

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