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Experience – Commitment – Results

We have won hundreds of criminal cases throughout the State of Arizona.  We realize that if you want to win a criminal matter, you have to work hard, work fast and keep working.  If you are looking for an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you, we are here to help.  At the Law Offices of Alcock and Associates, winning your case is our number one priority. If you are facing criminal charges, you need answers fast. What type of penalty are you facing? Is jail time mandatory? What does the future hold for you? By calling 602-989-5000 you can start the process right now.

We Can Answer Questions Now — For Free

Criminal Defense AttorneyWhether you have been accused of committing a misdemeanor or a felony crime, the criminal defense attorneys at our firm all have the experience, knowledge and skills to answer all of your questions. James Tinker is a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases in Arizona.  Additionally, the firm has three other former misdemeanor and felony prosecutors on staff.  We have handled cases in virtually every court in Arizona.  We work with prosecutors, judges and court staff throughout the State.  We know how the court system works and what you can expect.  Don’t stay in the dark.  We can help you understand your situation and start to look for solutions today.

You Deserve a Second Chance

Federal-Bar-Association-Seal-FEAOur criminal defense attorneys don’t believe  that jail solves anything.  We chose our careers to give people second chances.  This is because it isn’t just you who can be affected by a criminal conviction.  We understand that a conviction can destroy your life. If you have to go to jail, you could suffer much more than the inconvenience of having to spend time behind bars. Many individuals lose their jobs and families.   We want to do everything possible to prevent a criminal charge from destroying you. WE PROTECT OUR CLIENTS AND WANT THE BEST. CALL NOW.

World Class Customer Service

Our atDSC_0017torneys provide every single client with attentive counsel, unrelenting dedication, and aggressive representation throughout every stage of their case. Each criminal defense attorney is extremely well-versed in Arizona criminal law, and has successfully defended countless clients in both state and federal courts throughout the Phoenix metro area.  While that is important, talking to you is just as critical.  We will get to know you and your case.  This means that we will reach out to you, look to find answers for your questions and make sure that you are completely at peace with our defense plan.

Affordable Representation You Can Trust

DSC_0009You may be reluctant to hire an attorney simply based on the high cost. At Alcock and Associates, we are very aware that economic times are tough. Therefore, we make it our firm’s policy to work with all of our clients to establish an affordable payment plan that works within your budget. We deliberately keep our fees reasonable and we never charge extra if your case goes to trial. To put it simply, protecting the rights and freedom of our clients is why we are here. Many of our Criminal Defense Attorneys are former prosecutors who have represented thousands of people in Arizona.

Let Us Help You Now!

The key to any successful case is to hire the right attorney as soon as you are arrested or accused of committing a crime.  Please contact Alcock and Associates as soon as you are aware that you are facing criminal charges at 602-989-5000. The initial consultation is always free and completely confidential. We welcome you to visit us right here in our office to get started. We will work vigorously to defend your best interest and ensure you receive the best possible legal care.

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We handle all types of charges throughout Arizona, including DUI, Homicide, Theft, Assault, Kidnapping, Fraudulent Schemes, Sex Crimes, Forgery, Domestic Violence, Shoplifting and White Collar Crimes. We take cases in all Maricopa County Courts. Let us give you the representation you deserve to get you the best possible result in court. We strive to protect your rights at all cost.

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The Law Offices of ALCOCK & ASSOCIATES 2 N. Central Ave, Suite 2600 Phoenix, AZ 85004 Phone : 602-989-5000
Criminal Attorney Nick Alcock writes…

Our Criminal Attorneys never charge for consultations. If you are confused about the court system in Arizona, you aren’t alone. That’s why we offer a free consultation with a criminal attorney right over the phone. We can learn about your case and offer concrete advice to help you navigate our legal system. We will offer you an affordable flat fee. Our criminal attorneys want to give you the best chance to win your case. As a result, we don’t have hidden fees or expenses in our contracts. If you want to go to trial, there is nothing standing in the way. Call our criminal lawyers now! 602-989-5000