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We have handled hundreds of robbery cases and we know what it takes to win.  Our consultations are free and we offer affordable fee and payment plans.

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Robbery is similar in nature to theft, but it requires either a use of force or threatened use of force. Robbery can also be charged as a dangerous offense if a deadly weapon was used. As a consequence, people charged with robbery in Arizona can face a huge range of punishments.

Robbery is the type of offense that the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office takes a hard line against. It is common for plea offers for robbery offenses to include significant jail or prison time. We have former prosecutors on staff who have handled hundreds of robbery charges. We know what is needed to defend you and protect you.

Aggravating Factors That Make Robbery More Serious

  • Accomplices
  • Dangerous Weapons Used
  • Prior Felony Convictions
  • High Value of Items Stolen

If you or a loved one have been charged with a robbery in Arizona, please feel free to contact our attorneys to schedule a free consultation.  Our team includes former felony prosecutors and a former judge.  We know how to handle serious felonies and we have a long track record of winning cases.