criminal defense attorney Nick Alcock JD MBAWe handle all types of shoplifting charges in Arizona. Even though many people treat shoplifting as a petty offense, shoplifting can be quite serious in certain cases. The important variables are these.

  • Do you have prior shoplifting convictions?
  • Was the value of the goods taken greater than $1000?
  • Is the government claiming that you were part of a group or gang?
  • Did you have any type of device that conceals items or suppresses anti-theft measures?
  • Do you have any immigration concerns?
  • Did you admit to the police to committing multiple shoplifting offenses.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be facing a felony charge and you should contact an attorney immediately. If this is your first offense and you do not fall into any of the categories above, you may be able to be admitted to a diversion type of program. Shoplifting is the type of offense in Arizona–along with a number of other non-violent misdemeanors–that usually can be resolved with a diversion program. However,as stated above–people charged with shoplifting who have multiple prior offenses on their record can face felony charges and prison time.

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