Kidnapping Attorneys in Arizona

Video: How Kidnapping Charges Work in Arizona

Our defense team includes former major crimes prosecutors who understand how to approach a kidnapping case. Over the years we have represented hundreds of serious kidnapping charges. We work tirelessly to obtain the best result for our clients who face kidnapping and related offenses.

Kidnapping in Arizona is a crime that at first glance seems to require outrageous or violent behavior. But an examination of the statute shows that the prosecution can charge someone with the crime for merely restraining and placing another person in reasonable fear of physical injury. There are many instances in vehicles, for example, where a person does not pull over and let the other out.

We know how to handle kidnapping cases in AZ

If a physical altercation occurs, the person driving can be charged with kidnapping. Furthermore, if the victim is under 15 years of age, the crime can carry with it enormously harsh penalties. The criminal defense attorneys at Alcock and Associates have seen numerous cases of kidnapping where domestic disputes have gotten out of control.

The police and prosecution have much discretion to charge people with very serious crimes when the actual conduct is unintentional or taken out of context. Please feel free to contact our criminal defense law firm to schedule a consultation with a criminal attorney if you have any questions about kidnapping.

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