5 Factors to Consider in an Arizona Sex Offense Criminal Case

shutterstock_236952235 (1)Sex offenses are taken very seriously in any state and that includes Arizona.  If you are facing possible sex offense charges, or have already been charged, it is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney.  Police and prosecutors may use scare tactics, psychological tricks and guilt to try to obtain a “confession” so having an experienced attorney to support you and protect your rights is important.  Know that you have rights and can decline to answer police questioning, submit to a lie detector or anything else before speaking to your attorney.  An experienced Arizona sex crimes attorney will understand that the police often use confrontation calls to try to gather evidence against the accused.  Those calls may be recorded so never answer questions without your attorney present.  If you hire Alcock Law to fight for your rights you can rest assured that we have extensive experience winning criminal cases in Arizona.

At Alcock Law we have unique experience that makes us particularly equipped to handle your sex offense charges in Arizona.  Our law firm has a team of former prosecutors and a former judge and that includes former sex crimes prosecutors.  They have unique experience and knowledge that can help give you a better chance of a positive outcome in your case.  We know that just because you are facing sex offense charges, it does not mean that you are necessarily guilty.  Many innocent people get wrongly accused but they still face very real charges that could leave them with a permanent record and jail time.  That is why you want the best of the best on your side.  At Alcock Law, we always examine 5 factors for any sex offense charges to offer you the most honest and accurate outlook for your case.

5 Factors to Consider in an Arizona Sex Offense Criminal Case

  1. Does the defendant have any criminal priors?
  2. Were they in an existing relationship with the victim?
  3. Was a confession or confrontation call made?
  4. Did the defendant submit to a lie detector test?
  5. Is there any DNA or other physical evidence?

We always offer our clients a free and completely confidential consultation so there is never a reason to hesitate to call.  Alcock Law has the experience, criminal defense knowledge, and passion for winning that you need in your criminal defense when facing sex offense charges.


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