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We here at Alcock & Associates understand that good kids sometimes make bad decisions.  Attorney and founder of our firm, Nick Alcock, is a caring husband and father who understands that stresses like immaturity, social media and bullying are a constant influence on good children.  He is dedicated to helping juveniles and their families navigate the criminal justice system. As an advocate for children’s rights he has fought for teens charged with a crime to be treated differently by the courts. And he understands every child deserves a second chance.

Our attorneys here at Alcock & Associates are passionate about helping children and their families.  We have successfully defended juveniles charged with crimes including Assault, DUI, Homicide and Sexual Assault. We understand that each client is a unique person with individual needs. We work very closely with the parents of our clients in order to ensure that they get exceptional individualized legal representation and the best outcome for their case.

The juvenile and adult criminal justice systems are different for one another. As juvenile criminal defense attorneys, we understand the differences and we work with families and not just the juvenile defendants.


Juvenile Court is for individuals who are 18 and under. The juvenile court system is completely separate from that of the adult system. In the juvenile system, the court primarily focuses on solutions that will help children understand the causes of their behavior and make better choices in the future.


What crimes can be heard by juvenile courts? There are a variety of charges that can be brought up against a child in juvenile court. They range from the very simple like truancy to more serious crimes like possession of an illegal substance, burglary and assault.

Will I need to go to court? Yes, the court typically requires that both the juvenile and at least one parents are present for the court hearings. In serious cases there will typically be a number of court hearings before the case is resolved.

Does my child have the right to a trial? In juvenile court a trial is called an adjudication. Both sides have the right to present evidence to a judge who decides if the State presented enough evidence to find juvenile committed a delinquent act.

Will my child go to jail? In juvenile court, the focus is on rehabilitation and most young offenders are given terms of probation and community service. However, in some circumstances a judge may require jail or incarceration in the juvenile Department of Corrections depending on the seriousness of the offense.

My child is charged with a sex offense, will they be required to register as a sex offender? This can be a complicated question. When a juvenile is charged with sex crime in the juvenile court, the focus is on how to help teach the child boundaries. There are a variety of programs dedicated and available to juveniles charged with sex offenses. In the vast majority of cases where the juvenile completes the assigned program successfully, they are not required to register as a sex offender.


Can my child be charged as an adult? Yes, Arizona law allows for children from the age of 14 to 18 to be charged as adults in certain circumstances. ARS 13-501 Allows children to be charged as adults for the following crimes:

  1. First-degree murder in violation of section 13-1105.
  2. Second-degree murder in violation of section 13-1104.
  3. Forcible sexual assault in violation of section 13-1406.
  4. Armed robbery in violation of section 13-1904.
  5. Any other violent felony offense.
  6. Any felony offense committed by a chronic felony offender.

What is a chronic felony offender? Under Arizona law, a chronic felony offender is a juvenile who previously committed two non-dangerous offenses prior to their current offense. And the prior offenses would have been considered felonies had they been tried in the adult system.
My child has been charged as an adult, is there anything I can do to have the case transferred to juvenile court? Yes, the juvenile’s criminal defense attorney can file a motion for a transfer hearing. At the transfer hearing, the child’s attorney would ask the judge to transfer the case to juvenile court. A judge would then take into consideration the juvenile’s criminal history, the seriousness of the offense as well as the juvenile’s mental and emotional state.


Juvenile criminal defense attorneys at Alcock & Associates dedicate themselves to the proposition articulated by the founder of the firm Nicholas Alcock, that children and family come first. We have the experience, knowledge, and love for the work needed to help your child and your family through this difficult and challenging experience. Every child should have the right to a second chance.

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