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Pedestrian accidents are more common than you think. There’s one that happens practically every day. Yet, it’s something that not everyone knows or understands. Any accident involving a vehicle hitting or striking a person on foot and not riding in a vehicle is considered a pedestrian accident. It can be non-fatal (the pedestrian survives) or fatal (the pedestrian dies or is in serious condition).

Regardless of the intensity of the accident, an injured pedestrian like you needs medical and legal assistance. Consulting with an attorney is the right thing to do, particularly in ensuring that the proper legal process is followed and you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

If you need an Arizona pedestrian accident attorney, the Law Offices of Alcock & Associates can provide all the guidance and assistance necessary to understand your case. Whether your case is fatal or non-fatal, they will handle your case using the right skills, experience, resources, and with the utmost commitment.

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Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

The number of pedestrians in the U.S. getting injured or losing their lives to accidents has increased by at least 40-41% over time. In Arizona, the pedestrian death rate per capita is at 2.91 (or 2.91 per 100,000 residents), the 5th highest in the country, according to a 2021 study. This is at least 54% higher than the national pedestrian death rate.

While not all pedestrian accidents lead to death, thousands get killed yearly due to driver negligence, failure to pay attention to the crosswalk, and other acts of negligence. The pedestrian and driver are expected to take the necessary precautions when on the road. Accidents cannot be predicted, but they can be prevented, especially if you work with a pedestrian accident attorney in Arizona and are aware of the specific actions to avoid:

Distracted driving or using the mobile phone while in motion is the most common cause of pedestrian accidents. Before mobile phones, the distractions were varied: passengers, food, the car radio, and other items or actions that take the driver’s eyes and attention away from the road.

Not yielding to pedestrians at the crosswalk is one of the most common causes of non-fatal and fatal pedestrian accidents.

Overspeeding means driving above the regulated speed limit. It is a major contributing factor to vehicular accidents in the country.

Disregarding traffic signals or signs is reckless driving and is a common reason why the number of pedestrian accidents keeps rising.

DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is the cause of approximately 13% of all the pedestrian accidents in the country. Even a small amount of alcoholic beverage can impact a driver’s behavior, reflexes, coordination, and ability to determine right from wrong.

Your lawyer will guarantee a thorough investigation into your accident, so it will be easy to identify its cause. You’ll have all the vital information you need to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Arizona knows what to do to help you win.

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Dealing with pedestrian accidents can be challenging, but Alcock & Associates can help you handle your case with expert knowledge and experience. Our team is committed to winning and giving you the compensation you deserve.

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