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It is not uncommon for individuals at an advanced stage of their lives to hold on to that precious freedom and privilege that comes with the ability to legally drive an automobile with all their might. Many times it is just a matter of pride. Such was the case with a 93-year-old Scottsdale man over this past weekend. Unfortunately for this particular nonanegerian, his actions resulted in being charged with a criminal offense.

According to police, Julius Elmer Grosso arrived at Zipp’s bar on Camelback Road in Scottsdale at about 5 p.m. on Saturday and proceeded to get plastered on scotch. His bar receipt which was examined later by police confirmed he had ordered six shots before leaving the place two hours later.

An employee tried valiantly to convince Grosso to do the smart thing and take a cab. Unfortunately, this sound advice fell on deaf ears as Grosso insisted on driving home in his Buick LeSabre. Grosso moved the vehicle slowly about 20 feet, stopping four times to open and close the driver’s-side door, unbuckling and rebuckling his seat belt each time. The employee figured Grosso was in no shape to get on the road and called Scottsdale police. An officer responded to the scene and, upon approaching Grosso, immediately observed the suspect’s eyes to be watery and noticed that his speech was slurred. Grosso was allegedly uncooperative and refused to exit his vehicle. At the cop’s request, Grosso eventually handed over the Buick’s keys, but then protested loudly that he wanted them back so he could go home. Police soon found out that Grosso’s license had been “suspended, revoked and cancelled” for a previous DUI. Two officers had to forcibly remove him from out of the vehicle just to place him into handcuffs. Grosso was booked into jail on charges of aggravated DUI, failure to obey an officer and resisting an order to control a motor vehicle.

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