Defense Attorney Wants to Sue Rush Limbaugh for Defamation

Criminal defense attorney Gloria Allread has called for the high profile and often vitriolic conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to be sued for defamation.

The basis for the suit- when Limbaugh notoriously called a female college student a “slut” and “prostitute” on air during a debate on a national health care agenda that would require some religious institutional employers to provide for birth control in their employee health coverage plans.

Criminal lawyer and often celebrity representative Allred has gone to bat for other high profile cases involving female plaintiffs and defendants in the past- including women with claims against one time GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, and former Rep. Antony Weiner.

While Limbaugh’s actions were outrageous and uncalled for, many wonder whether criminal attorney Allred’s claims could hold ground in court. She basis her claim for damages on an obscure 1883 law making it unlawful to publicly question a female’s chastity.

It remains to be seen whether state or federal prosecutors (since Limbaugh broadcasts across the nation he could be sued in a variety of venues), will decide to pursue the case, and whether Allred’s claims have any merit or are merely attempt to gain more publicity for an already high profile attorney. Finally, whether or not one is a proponent of Limbaugh, a successful suit against the GOP stalwart could have potential First Amendment implications as well.

The criminal defense attorneys at Alcock & Associates are interested to see how this all plays out, and we will keep you informed as the issue develops.

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