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Quick update on a post I put up some time ago. The City of Phoenix currently is not sentencing people retroactively for DUI offenses. This means that if you were arrested for an extreme DUI or a super extreme DUI last year, you can’t take advantage of the new sentencing laws. We will be following developments closely and our DUI attorneys will update the site when we learn more.

Arizona DUI attorneys have been waiting to see how the courts will implement the new DUI statute. The short story is that things are better but it’s not perfect.

Here’s our DUI lawyers know know. For those convicted of an extreme DUI or super extreme DUI will probably serve less jail time than people convicted and sentenced last year.

For people with no prior DUI convictions within 7 years the sentences will be reduced to 9 days for an extreme DUI and 14 days for the super extreme.

In both cases, however, the defendants will have to obtain the interlock device for six months. Furthermore, the Judge still has the ability to sentence people to the old statute.

Work release is now possible for people after serving 48 consecutive hours in jail. For six days a week people can be released 12 hours per day. The schedule is flexible.

Finally, if you were booked into a jail facility when arrested, a judge could give you credit for “one day” in jail even if the total time spent in the booking process was less than 24 consecutive hours.

Unfortunately, it appears that the reduced license suspension terms will not be applied retroactively. So people convicted of a second offense DUI are still looking at a one year license suspension.

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