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DUI drug cases in Arizona are on the rise. The Arizona Republic is reporting that officers are seeing an increase in drug related DUI cases. Phoenix DUI lawyersare noticing the same trend.

However, my guess is that the real reason why drug cases are on the rise is due to the fact that the officers are now looking for the signs and symptoms of drug impairment.

Alcohol impairment is relatively easy to detect, mainly because people who are intoxicated smell like liquor. This makes it easier for an officer to initiate a DUI investigation. The Portable Breath Test device also allows officers to quickly look for the presence of alcohol. While the results of a hand held breath test are generally not admissible, it allows the police to validate their suspicions.

However, individuals who are impaired by drugs may not be so obvious. There are no quick and easy tests to determine drug impairment. But over the years, there has been greater training and greater awareness to the symptoms that people exhibit.

Here are a couple of facts that you should bear in mind about drug DUI cases in Arizona.

1) Legal, over the counter medication such as Sudafed or Robitussin can lead to impaired driving and DUI arrest.

2) You do not need to tell a police officer if you have used legal or illegal drugs if you have been pulled over.

3) You do not need to submit to a “Drug Recognition Evaluation” where a police officer checks your pulse and looks for signs and symptoms of impairment.

4) When in doubt, you can always ask to speak with a DUI attorney. This is your best bet to prevent officers from getting evidence which can be used against you.

Here’s an excerpt from the ariticle in the Arizona Republic–

East Valley DUI Task Force officers almost need to be chemists to keep up with the concoctions used by impaired drivers. Drug arrests are soaring while alcohol arrests are declining.

The job of nabbing impaired drivers is becoming far more complicated, with drivers under the influence of not only alcohol but prescription and illegal drugs, said Mesa police Sgt. Dave Meicke, a supervisor of this year’s crackdown.

He said drug arrests by one of the nation’s longest and largest DUI task forces have increased from 13 percent in 2002 to 59 percent this year.

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