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For most Americans, Labor Day Weekend signifies the end of summer. Like other long holiday weekends, it is also a time many individuals commonly associate with alcohol consumption. Whether relaxing at a neighborhood barbeque or out celebrating at your favorite local establishment with friends and family, mixing in a few alcoholic beverages can be the norm. However, if you’ve had one too many before stepping behind the wheel, that simple lapse in judgment can quickly bring your good time to a crashing halt, and mark the beginning of a very costly DUI mistake.

This weekend, seven police agencies are partnering in the Southeast Valley to increase patrols for impaired drivers. Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Apache Junction police, along with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, will patrol the Southeast Valley Friday and Saturday. A task-force command center will be set up at Scottsdale Stadium from which officers can execute sobriety tests, draw blood and perform other necessary operations. This collaboration between the agencies is part of a statewide Labor Day weekend DUI enforcement effort and will run until Sept. 3rd.

It is common knowledge among those who reside in this state – if not nationwide – that Arizona DUI laws are particularly harsh, even for first-time offenders. Anyone facing an Arizona DUI charge needs the experience of an aggressive DUI lawyer. Experience matters in defending Arizona DUI cases. Without solid legal representation, the chances you will be convicted for DUI increase dramatically. The repercussions of a conviction will continue to haunt you indefinitely. In the short-term alone you will face an automatic license suspension, heavy fines and possible jail time. Because a DUI charge is largely viewed by society as a serious crime, many employers will choose to terminate you if convicted. You can also expect the majority of potential future employers to conduct criminal background checks before deciding to retain your services.

Every DUI case in Arizona is different. The outcome mainly rests upon the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the DUI charges. This makes having an experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney even more important. Contact Alcock & Associates today at 602-989-5000 for a free consultation with an aggressive, skilled and experienced DUI lawyer. Don’t let one mistake tarnish an otherwise bright future. We can help fight for you today.

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