Former Phoenix Police Officer Arrested for Sex With A Minor

Justin Francis Laclere used to be a police officer with the City of Phoenix. He how is charged with a couple of felony counts that could send him to prison. Let’s look at the law and see what he is facing.

Officer Laclere is accused of using a cell phone app to lure the minor. He has another charge for having sex with a minor under the age of 17.

The Arizona Revised Statues show that ARS 13-1405 treats offenders quite differently, based on the age of the victim. If the child is under the age of 15, the defendant can face a range of prison time from 13 years to life, depending on the age of the victim and the circumstances of the conduct. However, if the victim is over the age of 14, the typical outcome is far more lenient.

Office Laclere was with the force for 7 years and certainly should have been aware of the risks of having sex with a young girl at her parents home. He is quite lucky that she was 17, and not 14 however.

Regardless, he likely is facing a long court process and still has the possibility of being sentenced to prison. This is an unhappy thought in particular for a former police officer accused of sexual conduct with a minor. My sincerest hope is that he is wrongfully accused, and a skilled criminal defense attorney can find him not guilty.

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