I Just Got a DUI – Am I Going to Jail?

Whether it is your first DUI charge or you have gotten more than one, you are probably wondering if you are going to have to serve jail time.  DUI Attorneys in Arizona BannerWhile driving under the influence is always a bad idea, there are often mistakes made or wrongful DUIs so the possibility of jail time can be very scary.  If you are convicted of a DUI in Arizona, the law requires that you serve jail time.  While this can be very upsetting to hear, the minimum required jail time for a first-time DUI offense is 1 day.  So, depending on how well you are represented in court, you could avoid jail time, face very minimal jail time, or be potentially looking at a length jail sentence if not well represented.  For this reason, it is incredibly important that you hire an experienced Arizona DUI attorney.

The good news is that there are alternatives to jail time if your lawyer successfully obtains a plea bargain.  At Alcock Law, we have an experienced team of attorneys including a former judge and a former prosecutor which means we understand how they will approach your case.  We can help fight for your rights and will always work hard to get charges dismissed, reduced, or get you the best possible outcome.  Every DUI is different and how your case goes will be heavily influenced by the circumstances of the DUI offense.  There are many different types of DUI depending on your intoxication level, previous offenses, and more.  If you will be facing jail time, you may be able to reduce the length of your sentence if you agree to have an ignition interlock device installed and used for an extended length of time.  There are other diversion programs as well and an experienced attorney will explore all of your potential options to avoid a lengthy prison sentence and reduce other penalties.  While all DUI convictions in Arizona do carry mandatory jail time, with the assistance of an attorney, you can get that length of jail time significantly reduced, or if it is your first offense potentially avoid jail time through skillful negotiations.  Additionally, with the assistance of an attorney, you may be able to avoid the courtroom and conviction altogether if they are able to get certain things like field sobriety or DUI blood tests dismissed.  When it comes to DUI in Arizona, every conviction carries jail time so it is best to hire an attorney as soon as possible to represent you and fight for your rights.

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