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Phoenix immigration attorney Nick Alcock has never seen more uncertainty in the immigration system. Rumors are flying and nobody seems to know what will happen to 300,000 facing deportation hearings. Similarly, there is confusion regarding how ICE will handle future deportations.

Says Phoenix Immigration Attorney Alcock, “ICE has indicated that they will focus on criminal offenders and that they will review every deportation proceeding on a case by case basis. One could envision a future where ICE only attempts to deport a tiny fraction of people that are currently being processed. On the other hand, ICE could also determine that the only people who should be granted work permits are those who would have qualified under the DREAM act. The problem is, nobody knows.”

As for now, immigration courts continue to hold bond, master calendar and individual hearings as usual. Alcock has noticed a slight decline in immigration arrests, but the decline is consistent with a typical slowdown seen during the dog days of summer.

Immigration lawyer Darius Amiri is hopeful. “I want nothing more than to call all of my clients and tell them that they are now eligible for work permits thanks to the new ICE policy. We are preparing for a rush of work, but we are also concerned that the file reviews will take too long for some of our clients.”

One thing is certain, the Obama administration has given new hope to thousands of people who had no remedy or hope for a life in the United States. Attorney Alcock says, “The changes proposed by the President don’t grant a path to citizenship, but they do grant a path to a hopeful future where people can emerge from the shadows.”

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