Injured in a Rideshare in Arizona?  Now What?!  Hire an Attorney!

Injured in a RideshareIn today’s modern world, most people have used a rideshare app or service such as Uber or Left at some point.  And, for many people, it is used daily.  While it is convenient to take advantage of rideshare apps and services, it does not reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident.  If you have been injured in a rideshare in Arizona, you may be wondering what your rights are.

Rideshare accident injuries are, understandably, more complex than if you were driving your car.  If you were driving your car and were involved in an accident that was not your fault that resulted in injury you would be able to sue to get your medical bills, lost wages, and other factors related to your injury financially covered.  But, what happens if you were injured in a rideshare? Or, what happens if you are hit by a rideshare and injured Who’s fault is it?  And, even if it is your driver’s fault, it is not your fault – so who covers your bills?

The rideshare company must provide a safe environment for its customers.  Because rideshare drivers are driving their personal vehicles, they are required to carry car insurance.  How the accident case will be handled will be based first off of whether the rideshare had their ‘Driver Mode” off or whether they had “Driver Mode On Without Passenger,” and lastly, whether they had “Driver Mode on With Passenger.”  The particular mode they are in will impact what insurance companies get involved, who is liable, etc.

Because rideshare’s make more money by having more customers, they are more prone to rushing. This means that the driver of a rideshare may be found negligent in a personal injury case.  Many ridesharing apps provide drivers with liability insurance so if you are injured you may be able to file a claim under the liability insurance.  If you are injured by a rideshare driver that was not in Drive Mode with Passenger and they were essentially ‘off duty,’ the liability will likely lie with their personal car insurance provider.  As you can see, injuries involving rideshare drivers can be very complicated.  If you have been personally injured in a rideshare accident that was not your fault in the state of Arizona, you have rights and you deserve compensation for your injuries.  Contact an experienced and knowledgeable Arizona rideshare injury attorney to discuss the complexities of your case and get the best representation available.

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