“I’ve Been Arrested for Theft – What Now?”

Criminal Defense Attorneys TheftSo you have been charged with theft – what now?

“What now” is often the first thought of anyone charged with a crime.  If you have been arrest and charged with theft, you are either charged with misdemeanor theft or felony theft.  What elevates it to a felony is the value of what has been stolen.  It is considered misdemeanor theft if the value of the item/s stolen is less than $1,000.  If the item/s stolen are equal to or more than $1,000, is a firearm, or is an animal stolen for the purpose of fighting, your theft charge will be a felony.

If you are under suspicion or have been arrested, it is best not to answer any question presented by police.  But, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to decline answering in a respectful and polite way.  Anything you say, whether before or after being read your Miranda Rights, could be incriminating so it is best to say nothing.  The next thing you need to do is contact an experienced and knowledge criminal defense lawyer.  This is particularly important because disputing the dollar amount of what was stolen may be the difference between a misdemeanor or felony charge and/or conviction.  There are also many different levels or “classes” of felony theft.  A “Class 6” felony is the least severe, and a “Class 2” is the most severe.   The more severe the theft is , the harsher the consequences will be.  An attorney will function as an advocate for your needs and rights.  But they advocate with a legal background and the knowledge necessary to do so effectively, something you are likely not capable of doing.

What can a criminal defense attorney do for you and your individual circumstances?  They can establish proof that you did not commit the crime, establish mitigating circumstances, and protect your rights so that you can have a more favorable outcome.  There are certain times when theft charges cannot be dismissed altogether, particularly if there is overwhelming evidence of guilt, but an experienced attorney can work with you and the law to possibly reduce your sentence.  A conviction and a felony one, in particular, will follow you around for life so it is never a good idea to leave it up to fate.   Don’t simply hope for the best.  Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to give yourself the best chance of getting your charge reduced or dismissed.

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