Hunter’s attorney wants to know why it took so long to search for the body of Jhessye Shockley

Authorities in Phoenix have begun to search a landfill for the body of missing Jhessye Shockley. The police sure have waited a long time. Instead of looking though a mound of trash, now they have to sift through a mountain. The mother of this missing girl wants to know what took so long. Our Criminal defense attorneys agree with her.

Little Jhessye has been missing since October 11. Her mother, Jerice Hunter, has been named a suspected. Ms. Hunter was also arrested but then let go pending further investigation.

But the most recent twist in the case takes us to the point where the police will sift through about 6,000 tons of compacted trash. That is a huge amount of trash.

So now Hunter’s attorney wants to know why it took them so long? It’s a good question for a criminal defense attorney to ask because to goes to the heart of the issue–doubt. We know that Jhessye has been missing since October 11. One would think that the authorities would immediately close the portion of the landfill where trash from her neighborhood was dumped. Instead, the trash was buried and compacted. What a mess.

Hunter’s lawyer knows that the real reason why there was a delay was due to the fact that they had real doubt that Jhessye was killed. If they thought that she was abducted, then stands to reason that there is a real doubt about her murder.

Of course, if they do find the young girl’s remains, then one could anticipate that charges would be immediately refiled against Ms. Hunter. The authorities do not need to have a body to press charges, but until they find a body, there will always be some doubt as to her whereabouts and condition.

For now, Ms. Hunter’s criminal defense attorney is doing a good job, stirring the pot of doubt. I agree with the attorney‘s strategy. It’s the best play he can make out of a very difficult and nasty case.

Criminal defense attorney Nick Alcock

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