Mesa City Location and Tips by Attorney Nick Alcock

Where is Mesa Municipal Court located? Attorney Nick Alcock describes what to look out for.
The Mesa Municipal Court location is 250 East 1st Avenue on the northwest corner of 1st Avenue and Pomeroy Street which is one block South of Main Street and one block West of Mesa Drive. For your convenience, there is a public parking garage is located directly behind the courthouse and can be accessed from Main Street or Pomeroy. You might be tempted to park on the street in front of the court. However, most criminal matter last longer than the meters allow. No sense in getting a ticket at the same time as you are taking care of another case.
Be advised that the court moved about a year ago. So if you are used to going to the 5th Street location, it isn’t there anymore.
There are seven Municipal Court Judges and one Commissioner at the Mesa Municipal Court. A few examples of some of the matters handled by this court range from misdemeanors offenses such as Driving Under the Influence, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Reckless Driving to Theft, Shoplifting and Assault.
A couple of things to keep in mind. First, show up early. Going to court is stressful. There is no point in making it worse. Leave yourself plenty of time to spare. Second, be patient. Virtually everyone who goes through the criminal court system describes it as an ordeal. Be aware that you may spend the better part of a day waiting for your case to be called. When it is called, you might get nothing to show for it but another court date.
Misdemeanors are not felony cases. Felony cases are heard in Superior or Federal Court. You might hear a judge explain that you are facing a maximum penalty of six months in jail. Don’t panic, however, because very few people charged with misdemeanors do this type of jail time.

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