Attorney Nick Alcock discusses what you should know about Arizona’s zero tolerance Meth for sale policy.

Any drug charge is, of course, a very serious matter in Arizona. But drug charges involving methamphetamine are particularly severe in the state of Arizona. Fortunately, Arizona has more liberal policies regarding the simple possession of methamphetamine. However, when it comes to selling meth, Arizona has a strict ZERO tolerance policy. A person should not knowingly 1.) Possess, use, sell or administer methamphetamine to another person, 2.) Possess equipment or chemicals for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine or 3.) Transport for sale, import into this state or offer to transfer for sale or important into this state. Many federal and local task forces are in place to enforce this policy.

A conviction on a meth for sale charge, a felony in Arizona, can result in very stiff penalties, including prison time. Even possessing or selling the ingredients to manufacture meth may be considered a felony in Arizona. A first time offense for possession of methamphetamine for sale in Arizona is a class 2 Felony. A conviction can result in a prison sentence ranging between 5-15 years. A second time offence is a class 2 Felony conviction with a prison sentence ranging from 10-25 years.

Sentencing for meth charges can be particularly severe in conjunction with other charges. For instance, because meth production is seen as an endangerment, operating a meth lab in the presence of a minor can constitute child abuse in Arizona. Also, those with prior meth convictions can face additional legal consequences. Legislators have become aware of the increasing methamphetamine problem. They also know the ease with which methamphetamine ingredients can be accessed. As such, they have increased the penalties associated with methamphetamine.

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