Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Alcock Donates to Children’s Crisis Nursery

Phoenix Criminal and DUI Attorney Nick Alcock of Alcock & Associates Law Firm Gives Back

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Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Alcock to donate bicycles, toys and sports equipment to the Phoenix Children’s Crisis Nursery.

PHOENIX, July 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — With a forecast calling for triple digits across the valley, the winter holiday season feels far away. But Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Alcock thinks it is a perfect time to dust off his Santa Cap. On Thursday, July 14 at 11:00am, Alcock will be at the Phoenix Children’s Crisis Nursery donating bicycles, sports equipment, and toys. “These kids need attention year round,” states attorney Alcock. “I think it is important to give these youngsters some shiny new bikes to ride so that they can just play and have fun.”

On a typical day, Mr. Alcock finds himself representing clients in criminal courts. But he believes that working with organizations such as the Crisis Nursery provides a great way to achieve some perspective. “People tend to have some preconceptions about Phoenix DUI attorneys,” Alcock states. “There’s nothing wrong with challenging the conventional wisdom about lawyers.”

Annually, the Nursery helps hundreds of children that otherwise don’t have a place to call home. Their parents have all manner of problems — ranging from loss of employment, mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction. For the youngsters, the Phoenix Children’s Crisis Nursery is their last line of defense. The facility offers a wide variety of services to the parents and allows them the time they need to get back on their feet.

The Law Firm of Alcock & Associates has quietly helped thousands of people both here and in Latin America. The attorneys have donated hundreds of thousands of meals to the hungry while they have supported local organizations such as the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Crisis Nursery. “It feels great to get out of the office and help the local community,” says Alcock. “We plan on returning to the Crisis Nursery in August with clothing and supplies for back to school.”

The Phoenix Children’s Crisis Nursery is located at 2711 East Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, AZ. Their website is‎. The Law Firm of Alcock & Associates is a legal practice composed of DUI attorneys, criminal defense lawyers and personal injury attorneys. Their attorneys can be reached at 602-989-5000.

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