Police to Crack Down on Drunk, Drugged Drivers This Weekend

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner which invariably means one of the heaviest drinking days of the year. To combat this concern, officers will be out in full force to stop those who are driving under the influence. So as you prepare to celebrate what happened in 2012 and what will happen in 2013, here is a friendly reminder that DUI task forces across Arizona will be doing their own very different kind of preparation.

This year, twelve special task forces have been organized to help curb a growing number of DUI and extreme DUI arrests. This is being accomplished primarily through the use of checkpoints, although officers have been dispatched to patrol roadways throughout the state.

Things to keep in mind:

DUI checkpoints are legal. Although they tend to be controversial, DUI checkpoints have survived most legal challenges. This is true even in some states where statutes require an officer to have reasonable suspicion of intoxication before initiating a traffic stop.

DUI checkpoints may go mobile. Some law enforcement agencies have adopted a strategy in which they will overload an area with patrol cars and stop any driver who shows signs of intoxication. These so-called roving DUI patrols have the ability to move from place to place and catch would-be drunken drivers who may otherwise attempt to drive around a stationary checkpoint.

Drugged driving is illegal too. Most folks out there know it’s illegal to drink and drive, but you should be reminded that it’s also illegal to take drugs and drive.

If there’s anything that you must remember when you’re out celebrating this holiday weekend, remember this; your first DUI can cost you upwards of $20,000 and Arizona is an impairment to the slightest degree state. In very basic terms, it means prosecutors don’t need breath or blood results to charge you with a DUI. While that might make perfect sense before you get tipsy, common sense flies right out the window for many after that second cocktail. Also bear in mind that DUI penalties depend on the person’s blood alcohol concentration. In other words, the greater the concentration, the greater the penalties.

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