Scottsdale City Court Location and Tips

The Scottsdale City Court location is 3700 N. 75th Street in the city of Scottsdale. Because it is critical that you arrive in plenty of time for your court appearance, be sure that you familiarize yourself with the specific directions to ensure the most efficient means of transportation. It might also be wise to take a trial run in advance of your court date to make sure you know just how much time to allow yourself. Depending on which part of the valley you reside, here are some helpful suggestions to assist you in finding the Scottsdale City Court.
– If you are traveling on Loop 101, take the Indian School Road exit and turn West. From there, turn South onto 75th Street and drive South three blocks to the Scottsdale Justice Center and park in the lot East of the court.

– If you are traveling on Loop 202, take the Scottsdale/Rural Road exit and turn North. From there, turn East at Indian School Road. Next, turn South onto 75th Street and drive three blocks to the Scottsdale Justice Center and park in the lot East of the court.

Here is some additional information you might find helpful prior to your first court appearance. The Scottsdale City Court has four judges who handle misdemeanor and criminal cases. This includes charges such as DUI, trespassing, domestic violence and shoplifting. In addition, there are also two hearing officers who preside over civil traffic cases. You will also find two public access computers located in the Court lobby providing access to the payment website that allows people to make fine payments by credit card.

The Court tends to set many of the same matters at 8:30 in the morning, so be aware of the fact that the security line might take a while to get through. When you get to court, you may be forced to wait for quite a while. As a result, make sure to either feed the meter well, or park in the large structure that is located immediately to the south of the court building.
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