Phoenix personal injury attorney Nick Alcock lists the top five mistakes that people make when handling automobile accident insurance claims.

/’ve all seen the insurance ads where wrecked cars get magically fixed. Unfortunately, some insurance companies don’t work as quickly or effectively as you would hope. The claim process can be absolutely exhausting. For years, Phoenix personal injury attorney Nick Alcock has seen good people struggle with their injury claims. Here are the top five common mistakes people make. Remember, it is always good practice to consult with an accident attorney prior to taking any steps to resolve your claim.

#5: People fail to mitigate property damage. For example if your car has been towed to a yard, you probably should pay out of pocket to recover your vehicle rather than wait for the insurance company to pay. Many times people get stuck paying high bills later due to liability issues with their case. Speak with a lawyer about this issue if you can.

#4: They fail to try and reduce medical bills. You have the right to call your medical providers and see if they will accept a reduced payment. Phoenix injury lawyer Nick Alcock has seen medical providers reduce their bills by as much as 90%. He states, “When you are able to reduce medical bills on your own, you get to keep that much more money from the total insurance settlement check.” It costs nothing to ask you medical provider if they will reduce their bills.

#3: People accept automobile total loss payment without looking at online classified ads in their community. Insurance companies value the vehicle by looking at what similar vehicles are selling for in the community. You don’t have to take whatever the insurance company will pay for your totaled car. Get online and look at classified ads, then negotiate.

#2: People settle a case within 30 days of the accident. Insurance insiders call this an “early settlement.” Early settlements are typically the absolute low-ball minimum offer that an insurance company will pay. It makes some sense to negotiate longer than a few minutes or days.

#1: People give a recorded statement before knowing the extent of their injuries. As a general rule, attorney Alcock suggests that people should speak with an attorney prior to giving a recorded statement to any insurance company. There are a number of innocent mistakes that people make that imperil their insurance claims. For example, people often will give a recorded statement prior to knowing the extent of their injuries. When those same people feel the effects of the impact later, most insurance adjustors will try to deny the claim based on their previous statements.

Attorney Alcock notes that dealing with insurance claim paperwork can be frustrating. He notes, “I once represented a medical doctor who tried to represent herself. Despite all of her education, she had a very difficult time understanding the process. As a result, don’t feel bad if you are having a hard time getting to a settlement.” Alcock is the owner and partner of Alcock & Associates, based in Phoenix, Arizona. His team of accident injury attorneys are available to answer questions. Their phone number is 602-989-5000. This press release does not constitute legal advice and the authors suggest you speak with an experienced attorney about your case before taking any action.

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