DUI attorneys warn of St. Patrick’s Day patrols

Posted by DUI attorney Nick Alcock in Phoenix, Arizona

As a DUI Attorney, I know when to expect a busy weekend. Over the holidays we certainly see an influx of cases. The Fourth of July is also a very busy time for us. There is, however, one little holiday that most people don’t spend much time thinking about. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is basically and excuse to go out and get drunk. As a consequence, people get DUIs.

I think that another reason why St. Patrick”s Day leads to so many DUI arrests is due to the fact that people have their guard down. Everybody knows that the police engage in saturation patrols during the winter holiday season. However, St. Pat’s catches people by surprise. There isn’t as much coordination or planning. Instead, people drive out to local taverns, get hammered and then get pulled over. Next thing they know, they are sitting with a DUI attorney wondering what happened.

The police are well aware of the fact that revelers will be out driving drunk in force. They also know that drivers don’t arrange for designated drivers or take cabs. I believe that they patrol as aggressively during St. Paddy’s Day as they do New Year’s Eve.

So, I’m sending this message out to you now, before it is too late. Be aware of the fact that the cops will be out in force. Take some time to plan. Take a cab or designate a driver. Be aware of the fact that the police pull drivers over for the slightest traffic violation during a saturation patrol. If you have a tail light that is out, fix it. Any ticky-tack violation is a legitimate excuse for the police to initiate a DUI investigation.

If you do get pulled over, ask to speak with a DUI attorney immediately. Don’t answer questions about how much you had to drink or how impaired you feel. You have the right to remain silent, exercise this right.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our DUI attorneys here in Phoenix, Arizona. Stay safe!

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