DUI jail time in Arizona is not easy to explain. If you look at all the DUI attorney web sites, you will see a tremendous range of possibilities. This is due to the fact that there have been recent changes to DUI law in Arizona. Further, some DUI attorneys will state the maximum jail time as a possible sentence. Theses factors result in quite a bit of confusion.

So here’s the deal. If you get arrested in Arizona for a DUI, there is no simple way to predict exactly what your sentence will be. The prosecutor might add or dismiss charges. A certain jurisdiction might allow for home detention instead whereas others might not. The number of prior DUI convictions on your record can affect your jail time. If your license was suspended at the time of your arrest, you might be facing felony DUI charges. Finally, because I’m not going to be completely gloomy, there may be some flaw in the investigation that might result in your case being dismissed entirely.

That being said, here’s a basic chart that you can use to break down the possible jail time for each level of DUI. Keep in mind that I am not a fortune-teller and I cannot say exactly what will happen to you. You can always call our DUI attorneys with specific questions about the law.

First offense DUI jail time for a blood alcohol of .08 to .15 is known as a regular DUI. People convicted of a regular DUI pay a fine of $1,513 and typically serve one day in jail. That one day can be served in the tents or at a city facility. For a second offense regular DUI dui, the fines jump to $3,473 with 30 days in jail. However, some jurisdictions allow for home detention after 6 days in jail. People are eligible for work release after 48 hours in jail. Work release is granted six days per week, for 12 hours per day.

First offense extreme DUI jail time has been reduced recently. In the past, people were sentenced to 30 days in jail. Now 21 of those days can be suspended if you get in interlock device installed in your car. Work release is eligible for these defendants as well. Total fines are $2,763 plus jail costs.

First offense super extreme DUI has a 45 day sentence that can be reduced to 14 days with the installation of the interlock device. Home detention may be available in some jurisdictions after only a few days. The total fine is $3,223 plus jail costs.

For all DUIs, defendants are required to complete substance abuse screening, MADD impact panel and need to pay a reinstatement fee to obtain their license. Interlock requirement is typically six months for first time regular DUI cases, and one year for both extreme DUIs.

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