Posted by: Phoenix Arizona DUI Lawyers at Alcock and Associates

Phoenix DUI Attorney Nick Alcock knows one thing about tent city. People hate it. The City of Scottsdale offers a program whereby people serving sentences of 48 hours or less can choose their jail over the tents. There are some decided advantages to Scottsdale. The jails are air conditioned. The food is better. The company is probably a little better also.

Says DUI Lawyer Alcock, “There really is no comparison between the two facilities. People overwhelmingly choose Scottsdale city jail once they realize they have a choice. In the summer, the tents can reach temperatures in the triple digits. Sheriff Joe takes pride in the fact that the conditions are tough in his facility. As a result, Scottsdale is a great option. There are some policies and procedures that you must consider, however.”

Many people don’t know that they can serve their jail time in Scottsdale so long as they complete some basic forms. Scottsdale does not have any medical staff on hand, so anyone taking prescription medication cannot use their facility. Inmates must sign several waiver forms and call the jail 24 hours before the scheduled arrival time. Sentences can only be served 48 hours at a time.

Attorney Alcock notes that the vast majority of people convicted of misdemeanor DUI only serve one day in jail. “That’s why Scottsdale is perfect for those with sentences of one or two days. You just need to make sure that the sentencing court is aware of the fact that you want to serve your time in Scottsdale. Most judges will issue an order that will allow the time to be served in Scottsdale or in tent city. Just make sure that you call Scottsdale to verify that they have occupancy.”

The number to call for Scottsdale Municipal Jail is (480) 312-5245. Their fax number is (480) 312-8221. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the law firm of Alcock and Associates. Their number is 602-989-5000. You can speak with Phoenix DUI Attorney Stacey Feldman right over the phone. She would be happy to walk you through the process.